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Last week on Tech Talk with The Big 550 KTRS, we took the myth busters approach and tackled some technology myths that are believed by end users. Myths can get created based off of opinion, a story twist, or even a white lie. Our IT expert, Jeff Groby joined the Guy Phillips Show to set the record straight on smartphone news, cell phone reception and taking care of your computer.

Smart Phone Apps Recording User's Screens

Scary enough, this title isn't a myth. The producer for The Guy Phillips Show, Josh Gilbert, brought up an alarming article about how Apple is having to crack down on the App Store because certain apps are secretly recording users screen activity. The article revealed that certain app companies were using an analytics tool that would record every click and swipe that users would make when using their application.

A lot of the apps that are using this technology do not ask for their user's permission to be collecting data based off of their actions which goes against Apple's guidelines. The technology company has started telling developers to remove that functionality of their app or risk being removed from the store. As Jeff mentioned, this can pose a security issue for end users using the app. Should something happen to the data they have collected, people's personal information could be compromised without them even knowing.

Jeff's best tips for avoiding malicious app issues is to do your research before downloading and entering in your information. Whether you research the app online or read reviews, be a critical consumer before hitting download. Also, if you have the option to not send data and information back to the developer, it's safer to back out. Protecting yourself online and keeping your information safe all starts by brushing up on your security awareness training.

Busting Two Technology Myths

We've all heard a myth or two that we helped to stay in relevance because we believed it too. The two myths that Jeff Groby talked about are sure to make for some good conversation next time you're talking about computers or smartphones with a friend.

Myth 1: The more bars your cell phone is showing, the better your connection is.

Truth: The bars on your cell phone indicate the strength of your signal and not the quality of the available service. Just because you have the maximum amount of bars showing on your phone doesn't always mean you'll still be able to make a call or use the internet. If you're trying to use your device in a space with a lot of other people who are also trying to use their phone like a sporting event or concert, you will experience connection issues even if your phone is showing bars.

Myth 2: You need to turn your computer off every night.

Truth: According to Jeff, there are benefits to shutting down your computer every night, but it isn't necessary. It's good to reboot your computer so your updates can take place. On the other hand, there isn't any reason to turn it completely off every night. However, Jeff did say that while you can leave the computer on, it's a good thing to turn your monitor screen off at the end of the day. When a screen is left on, images can get burned into the background. Turning your screen off when you're not using it is also a great way to conserve energy. If you would like to learn more about some common technology myths and the truth behind them, check out this article! It's filled with some useful information to help keep you on top of your technology game and to tell what is fact or fiction.

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