8 Simple and Effective Tips to Save Money on Printing

Plain and simple, printing is an expensive part of your business's annual operating budget. It is estimated that the average company will spend as much as 3% of their yearly budget on print-related costs. Discovering ways to save on printing isn't as simple as buying the cheapest equipment or sacrificing quality for a third-party ink cartridge. In fact, cutting corners could end up costing your business more in the long run. These are 8 simple and effective tips for your office to use to cut back on print and supply spend.

1.) Proofread drafts before printing

When you're in a rush to print something because of a deadline, it's easy to overlook small details in your work. Before clicking the send button, pause for a minute and double check your documents to ensure that your margins and font sizes are correct. Taking a second look is also a good time to glance over the content for grammatical and spelling errors. Taking an extra minute or two could end up saving you from having to reprint a second copy.

2.) Print documents front and back

Some papers can't be printed front and back, but when you can, maximize the space given and print on both sides. Double-sided printing is excellent for personal items, quick notes, and lengthy reports. This printing hack is a great way to cut down on wasting supplies, and it's environmentally friendly.

3.) Ask yourself, "Does this really need to be printed?"

This an important one, be conscious of what you are printing. We operate in a technology-driven world, and it is easier than ever before to share documents and view them digitally. Thinking before clicking the print button is an easy way to cut back on your business printing spend and to utilize the different tools you have available to you.

4.) Print your documents in draft mode

If you're printing something that isn't being presented or used for an important meeting, try printing using draft mode. This option is found on most printers in the advanced settings menu and is perfect for printing emails and other notes. While items printed using draft mode may be lacking in quality, they also use significantly less ink to be created.

5.) Promote a "Green" office environment

Whether you add a sentence to your email signature asking colleagues to think twice before printing your email or committing to discarding old paper into the recycling bin, going green sets a great example for those around you. Not only is recycling and being conscious of how much your printing good for the environment, but it's also good for your budget.

6.) Update your print technology

Have you ever heard the saying, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" used before? This old saying doesn't apply when it comes to your office printers if you're looking to save money. Older technology can be a drain on your printing budget due to costly repairs, supplies, and lost productivity. Sometimes, just because something is still working doesn't mean it's the most time or cost efficient. It might be time to invest in updating your print devices.

7.) Utilize a Managed Print Services program

Managed Print Services (MPS) is just like it sounds; it's a program created to manage all facets of your office's devices. MPS works to optimize your print environment to ensure your business is saving money on printing, producing less waste, and increasing overall productivity. Click here to learn more about how SumnerOne does Managed Print Services right.

8.) Double check your print jobs before sending it again

Did you press print but nothing happened? Before you try again, check your desktop for any printer notifications. Sometimes it may take a few extra seconds for your printer and computer to communicate the print job. If there aren't any notifications, check your printer. The issue could be something as simple as your machine is out of paper or toner. If you would've stayed at your desk and continued clicking the button, once the issue was resolved, you could have ended up with multiple unnecessary copies of the same document.

Achieving Print Success with SumnerOne

Helping businesses to get a handle on their printing budget is what we're all about at SumnerOne. We're in the business of making things work and offering offices all across the Midwest achieve efficiency through technology. Interested in learning more about how our experts can help your business get a better understanding of its current print spend? Contact us.

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