Wifi or Ethernet—Or Both?

In an increasingly mobile world, you may be wondering what kind of network is best for your organization. Should you opt for the security of a wired network or the flexibility of wireless? Read our tips below to gain some clarity.

Wired Network Pros and Cons

Wired networks offer the gold standard when it comes to both speed and security. Hackers find it much harder to gain access to wired networks due to their reliance on physical connections. The very nature of wired networks also makes it simpler to add robust security solutions. And if speed is what you're after, one gigabit-per-second is very attractive.

On the flip side, the very nature of wired networks means both more hardware and more expense.

WiFi networks offer the scalability today's businesses expect. Adding new devices and employees to the network is as simple as providing them with a password—no wires required.

Nonetheless, wireless security is an ongoing challenge, and it's also true that some large office complexes may experience dark spots.

The Best of Both Network Worlds

For many organizations, a hybrid of both a wired and wireless network offers the best solution. The reliability and speed of a wired network combined with the scalability of wireless is a win for everyone.

Managed IT Services with SumnerOne

Whatever your choice in network solutions, there's no need to brave the wilds alone. By outsourcing your network and infrastructure support to SumnerOne's Managed IT Services, your organization can be assured of superior service, optimized devices, and reduced costs. With certified engineers ready to design and install your network, you'll be free to concentrate on building your business. Whether you have an in-house IT staff or not, network services offer the customized, expert support you need to move your  business forward.

SumnerOne has the experience and expertise to keep your networks healthy and secure. Contact us for state-of-the-art network services today!

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Originally published November 22, 2016, updated December 4, 2018


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