Save Money and Reduce Waste with Document Management Rules

If you are looking to save money and reduce wasteful spending, we have a solution for you. No, you don’t have to stop printing altogether, you just have to take advantage of managed print services to help you get some control. However, with managed print services (MPS) also comes a solution 

Breaking the Printing Cycle

We know how it goes: You have an office printer, everyone uses it, you buy supplies to keep it running, you don’t think much about it. The downside to this cycle is that you are wasting money by not tracking your print usage and expenses. As it turns out, the majority of printed documents end up left on the printer (security risk) or in the recycling bin (energy waste).

Managed print can help you control costs and eliminate waste via monitoring and print rules. Through software, you can create print rules for all network-connected printers and MFPs, and enforce protocols on individuals or entire departments. Not only do rules allow you to cut back on unnecessary print jobs, but they enable you to monitor who is printing which documents.

Document Management Benefits

Document management has multiple benefits, but here are some of the most popular and effective ways to reduce print-related waste with rules and guidelines.

  • Remind or force users to duplex print—np need to waste paper with one-sided docs!
  • Route large print jobs to the most efficient device that can handle high-volume jobs without slowing down others.
  • Use pop-ups for prevent printing email messages and remind users that this can be a security risk as well as a recourses waste.
  • Automatically default to black and white printing for basic documents and web pages.
  • Auto-detect and abort redundant or duplicate print jobs.

More Than Just Rules

Even though rules can set the tone for your print savings, managed print services can help with much more than that. If you are in Missouri and need help with managed print or other document services, contact the experts at SumnerOne.

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Published October 12, 2016, updated September 14, 2018


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