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We're all guilty of moving away from actually printing pictures. The norm has become storing your memories in a folder on your device and taking things on the go. While it's nice to always have access to your pictures, what happens if you accidentally overwrite the file and you lose the picture forever? Sounds like you could be out of luck. Our IT expert Randy Moore joined the Guy Phillips Show for Tech Talk on KTRS last Friday to talk about the importance of securely backing up your personal data.

Losing Important Data Due to Backup Failure

Randy and Guy can both attest that losing personal data like family pictures or videos can be pretty rough. Guy admitted that he recorded a St. Louis Cardinals game and later realized he had tapped over his wedding video! Luckily for Guy, his wife had extra copies. In Randy's case, he lost 15 years worth of pictures when he accidentally overwrote the files. Losing years worth of memories can be devastating and had Randy not had his items backed up properly, he could have lost them forever.

Of course, recovering files like Randy did, requires knowledge and experience. That's why Randy suggested that all end users should back up their data properly and do it often. He mentioned that he runs backup on his personal data at least once a week to avoid losing his information. Not only should people backup their personal data often, but they should also backup in more than one location. Using more than one location or method will help to protect your data in the event something goes wrong with the technology.

These are some of the secure and different methods of data backup that Randy mentioned on Tech Talk:

  • Saving your files in the cloud
  • Purchasing an external hard drive
  • Using a USB thumb drive

Each of these different data backup options has pros and cons, but the answer to which method to use is up to the end user. It's important to research the different methods available and discover which will work best to achieve the results you are wanting. Don't just assume that because you've saved your pictures or documents once somewhere that they are safe forever. Data disasters happen all the time, Guy and Randy can both confirm that.

In Case You Missed It: Tech Talk Updates

Tech Talk Presented on KTRS

Thanks for tuning in for another week of Tech Talk presented by SumnerOne. If you would like to learn more about how to securely backup and store your documents for your business, give us a call. At SumnerOne, we provide businesses with backup and disaster recovery solutions from some of the leading providers in the game. Speaking of games, we will be bringing you Tech Talk one day early this week due to the Mizzou basketball game on Friday. Be sure to tune in this Thursday afternoon at 4:20 to learn more about how you can online shop with security this Cyber Monday! Check out the full video from last week down below.



Originally published November 15, 2018, updated February 12, 2019


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