How to Cut Office Expenses With Managed Print Services

When businesses look to cut operating expenses, printing may not be everyone’s top target. The costs of printing often go unexamined since they are difficult to track and manage. 

But the lack of visibility into printing costs and how those costs affect an entire organization are exactly why Managed Print Services offer so much value to businesses of any size. Through the help of a Managed Print Services provider, your business can leverage improved print transparency and specialized print services to create a meaningful reduction in costs.

Here are the ways Managed Print Services make this cost-cutting possible.

Optimize Spending on Hardware and Supplies

An organization’s print infrastructure generates indirect costs in several forms, including the print devices themselves, ink and toner, and paper for printing. Inefficiencies can run rampant through the purchasing and use of these supplies: Businesses may overspend on print hardware because they overestimate the number of devices they need and may consume more paper and toner than necessary in the regular course of operations.

Managed Print Services help organizations optimize the right number of print devices supporting the company and help ensure that the right solutions are in place, resulting in devices that serve your specific needs. 

Recycling cartridges can reduce ink and toner costs and paper can be managed more effectively by using two-sided printing solutions, as well as by using greater discretion when choosing when and what to print.

Reduce Downtime and Maintenance

Print device breakdowns can disrupt regular workflows and create frustrating bottlenecks within your company. The disruption of printer maintenance is compounded when business leaders are forced to call a technician who can come provide service to that device. The longer the company has to wait for that service, the greater the impact on the company’s productivity—and its bottom line.

With a Managed Print Service provider, businesses don’t have to waste time searching for a service technician. By reaching out to your print service provider, you can initiate a rapid response for any device breakdowns you might suffer, mitigating the disruption caused by this outage.

Managed Print Services provide a proactive approach to caring for print devices, managing regular maintenance visits, and other device tune-ups to prevent breakdowns before they occur.

Alleviate IT Burden

IT departments often get saddled with the task of addressing breakdowns and technical difficulties related to print infrastructure. Although many IT professionals are capable of handling these problems, they don’t specialize in print maintenance or print software issues. When asked to work outside of their area of expertise, their productivity goes down—and their attention to other IT matters takes a back seat.

When businesses enlist the help of a Managed Print Service, they retain access to dedicated print IT specialists who have vast and intimate knowledge addressing these technical challenges. This service allows your in-house IT team to focus on other business-critical help tickets and projects, resulting in better productivity and less operational waste coming from IT.

Mitigate Endpoint Security Risks

Cybersecurity threats aren’t restricted to large enterprise businesses. Research shows that over half of all small businesses in the United States are targeted by cyber-criminals every year. The average cost of a successful breach averages more than $200,000 for each small business.

At some companies, that’s enough to put the entire organization out of business. Effective endpoint security is the best way to mitigate this massive liability. Because print hardware functions as endpoint devices that are vulnerable to security breaches, your company needs a Managed Print Service provider that strengthens security for these devices. By ensuring the proper security is in place, it’ll reduce the risk of a cyberattack that leverages your print infrastructure to access your corporate network.

Unseen office waste can drag down your profit margins without anyone realizing it. Shine a light on your blind spots by investing in Managed Print Services to get these costs under control—while also adding new efficiencies to your business operations.


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