Head in the Cloud?


More and more organizations are moving into the cloud, in fact, according to a study by Cisco, cloud adoption has more than doubled in the past 2 years. Yet there are broad implications for pushing company data beyond a traditional firewall.

That same Cisco study estimates that nearly 70% of companies operating in the cloud, with either a public, private or hybrid solution do not have a well-established cloud strategy. That puts the entire IT approach at risk. A leading concern, when considering a move to the cloud, is security. What happens when you no longer control the application infrastructure, or even the endpoint devices? Planning is critical, and optimizing that cloud strategy is a first step.

At SumnerOne we create, deploy and manage custom, secure private and hybrid cloud solutions for clients every day. Our teams can build a strategy that helps you plan for your move to the cloud, too!

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Originally published April 12, 2017, updated August 1, 2018


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