5 Technologies to Make Team Collaboration More Effective

Chances are you've probably had some negative experiences when working as part of a team in your lifetime. Whether it was a college group project gone wrong or at work and your team was lacking the tools needed to reach the desired end goal. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work, and achieving that dream as a team makes the victory so much sweeter. Utilizing these different technologies when it comes time to set up your next business collaboration goal will help to create a positive teamwork outcome!

1.) Use a Project Management Tool

Before you can start working on any project, big or small, you need a plan. Organizing your project and delegating specific tasks to the members of your team will help you to create an achievable plan of action. Using a project management tool will help the members of your group track their tasks, set deadlines, and keep everyone up to date progress. Some popular tools to plot out your next group project include Azure, Planner, or Trello. Undoubtedly, one of these three services will have what your team needs to produce a timeline for success.

2.) Staying Connected with Reliable Conference Lines

Successful communication is key to success for any team or project. Whether you're working with remote employees on a project or working with outside vendors, having open and transparent lines of communication is critical when it comes to collaboration. When you're not regularly meeting up face-to-face with your teammates, things can sometimes get lost in translation. Having a reliable conference line will make things easier when it comes to setting up meetings and keeping all group participants in the loop on project updates.

3.) Utilizing Time Tracking Tools

In the working world, time is money. Using a time tracking tool is a great way to keep your group organized and on track with projects. In addition to organization purposes, this is also a great way to keep a ledger of time spent on aspects of a larger plan if you're billing by the hour. Getting the whole team on board can help to ensure that everyone is pulling their equal weight and to make sure the group is using their time wisely.

4.) Face-to-Face Time with Quality Video Conferencing

Email and phone conference lines are essential business tools, but few things beat getting to see someone face to face when you're talking with them. If you're collaborating with a remote team, video conferencing tools can be greatly beneficial. Seeing someone when you're talking to them allows you to pick up on body language and other mannerisms you might have missed over the phone. Additionally, video meetings also can help breakdown walls and communication barriers. It's easier to communicate when you can see the person on the other end of the conversation, even if they're thousands of miles away. In the digital age, if the option to host your meeting via video conferencing exists, go for it. Your team and project will thank you for making remote communication easier from all aspects.

5.) Using a Collaboration Service

Using a service like Office 365 to work with your team adds an excellent level of convenience to working on a project. Office 365 allows users to continue working no matter where they are, on any device, and still, share files and keep the productivity rolling. This service offers end users a central location to share information, communicate, and collaborate in a safe and secure online environment. Working on a big project when can be daunting, but utilizing a useful collaboration tool can make working with your team a breeze.

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