In Case You Missed Us: Wardriving on Tech Talk with KTRS

Last week our topic for Tech Talk on KTRS was about wardriving. Contrary to how the name sounds, wardriving isn't the name of some new blockbuster hit or video game. Wardriving is the act of driving around and looking for unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Our IT expert, Jeff Groby, joined the show to talk with listeners about how to protect their wireless network from the trend. In addition to discussing concerns with wardriving, Jeff also fielded multiple calls to answer tech questions during the segment on The Guy Phillips Show!

An In-Depth Look at Wardriving

As we said above, someone engaging in wardriving is mobile and scoping out unsecured Wi-Fi connections with a wireless device and mapping their locations when found. Once an unsecured network has been identified, the person engaging in the task could then potentially obtain free internet access or begin using the access point for a nefarious purpose.

While wardriving sounds like it would be illegal, it isn't. Even though something is legal doesn't make it the ethical thing to do. The catch here is that if anything malicious or unlawful is done on your network by someone who has accessed it through wardriving, you are still responsible. That's why Jeff stressed the importance of securing your home wireless network to keep yourself and connection safe. The easiest way to avoid being a target is to set a strong password for your Wi-Fi network. Even if you've had your system for a while, you can still protect yourself with password security.

SumnerOne Tech Talk Help Desk

Aside from just talking about the unethical end of technology, Jeff received multiple call-ins from listeners during the show. We love when listeners reach out to discuss technology and ask questions, our experts are always happy to help. Below are snippets of information from a few of our callers that Jeff assisted:

Caller 1 Problem: The caller had recently purchased a new vehicle and was having issues getting the KTRS app to play through her speakers using the USB adapter in the car.

Expert Solution: Jeff told her that many newer cars have multiple USB ports now and some are strictly used for charging purposes and others have the capability the play sound through the stereo.

Caller 2 Problem: Our second caller wanted to know about alternative options when it came to using anti-virus software. He was using a pricey annual service to clean his computer of malicious viruses and other risks.

Expert Solution: Jeff suggested the caller check out Sophos. The software is trustworthy, reliable, and free! Shopping around, reading reviews, and understanding your specific device needs is a great way to ensure you're not over or underpaying for critical security software.

Caller 3 Problem: Another listener called in to see if Jeff knew of any ways she could shut off Wi-Fi access to her kid's devices at bedtime or after screen time privileges had ended, but still have access to the internet herself.

Expert Solution: Regularly, Jeff talks about things he does in his own home to ensure his kid's safety online and limit their access to technology at times. Jeff suggested that the caller check out Circle with Disney. This technology gives adults the ability to restrict online capabilities on a case by case basis. This gives the grown-ups the option to keep streaming their favorite TV show even after they have shut down internet access for their children's device at night.

Tech Talk Presented by SumnerOne

If you're looking to have your technology questions answered or interested in learning more about online security, tune in to Tech Talk on The Big 550 KTRS on Friday afternoons at 4:20. Our IT Experts enjoy sharing their knowledge with listeners during The Guy Phillips Show! To learn more about how SumnerOne can help your business to operate more efficiently, give us a call.

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