3 Ways VoIP Will Save Your Business Time and Money

VoIP a great phone service alternative for businesses to stay connected in an age where technology is changing and expensive. In technical terms, VoIP refers to a system that routes voice calls over an internet connection rather than through a phone line. VoIP is not only cost-effective, it's also a great service to add to the productivity of your business. Think it sounds too good to be true? It's not.

VoIP has many advantages over the traditional approach to voice communication. As internet connectivity is everywhere, more and more businesses are embracing the changes that follow with this technology. You might find yourself asking,  "How will a business phone system like VoIP benefit my business?" Below are a few examples: 

Saving Money on Expensive Calls

How: Telling a business that a service will help save them money is always an attention grabber. Switching to VoIP can help most businesses save money over the continued use of a traditional phone system. The savings are especially true if the business places international calls on a regular basis. International or even long distance calls tend to be rather expensive. Placing international calls through a VoIP system tends to be competitive and more cost-effective for businesses.

Money Savings: If you're saving money on those expensive long distance calls, where can you reinvest your money? The answer is simple, wherever you see fit. Whether you want to spend money on other technology upgrades or you're looking at spending some money on a building update, VoIP gives you some extra flexibility with your expenses.

VoIP Encourages Mobility

How: VoIP functionality isn't restricted to only in-office use. There's a wide range of applications available that will enable employees to call using VoIP without any special hardware. Calls and other system functionalities can be made available on other devices with a connection to the internet. Which can include your computer, tablet, and cell phones. VoIP also affords users the opportunity to multi-task and use multiple programs like email and e-fax without breaking the connection in their phone call. Providing users with the ability to stay connected, efficient, and active.

Time Savings: VoIP makes a huge impact on your mobility and productivity, making your team members easy to reach even when on the road. Often, employees will be able to keep a single number, regardless of travel or moves from one office to another. VoIP is the go-to for keeping your business connected and never missing a beat.

Easily Repair Your Phone System

How: Problems with conventional systems are often related to hardware and can sometimes take days or even weeks to be resolved. Although VoIP (like any other service) has kinks and is by no means perfect, problems can often be resolved remotely.

Time Savings: VoIP service providers offer proactive network monitoring and maintenance to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum. With that, providers are able to spot possible issues and work to reduce downtime. VoIP systems are watching your back to make sure that your business can continue staying connected and doing what it does best.

Still Not Convinced VoIP is Right for Your Business?

That’s where we come in. At SumnerOne, we pride ourselves on offering local businesses with services that will break through the madness of a busy office environment. We are proud to offer VoIP as one of our services that enables our customers to stay connected. VoIP offers users additional flexibility and versatility over a traditional phone system. As well as enhancements on standard phone functions, like the ability to put callers on hold or transfer calls. This service also has the ability to have voice messages sent to email inboxes, route calls intelligently, call multiple phones at once until someone picks up, or organize group calls.

VoIP is more than a phone system, it's an office tool to save money, improve efficiency, and to make office life a little easier. As intricate and expensive as it sounds, VoIP is simple to use and affordable. Users enjoy having an easy to use phone system with all of the bells and whistles, minus the major price tag.

If you're interested in learning more about how VoIP can help to save your business time and money, give SumnerOne a call. Let us do the worrying about phone connections so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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Originally published August 7, 2018, updated January 10, 2018


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