SumnerOne Employee Spotlight: 5Qs with Garry Mayberry

How well do you know your coworkers? Here at SumnerOne, we pride ourselves on being a company that values family, and we strive to extend that value to how we treat our fellow employees. With that in mind, and in a hope to build on those values, we’ve decided to introduce you to one of our SumnerOne family coworkers each month.Our fourth spotlight is Garry Mayberry, Service Manager out of the Springfield office of SumnerOne. The team in Springfield sometimes call him Garry “Big Money” Mayberry because of an expense report he once turned in that had a tip people thought was too high. But, if anything, this teasing nickname calls out Garry’s generous spirit. Garry is one of those people who is incredibly loyal, and he likes to reward that behavior in others.

Even though Garry’s been in service for over 35 years, he hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be new on the job, feeling lost and needing help. He likes to make sure he can still walk in the shoes of all his technicians. For the first couple of months of the year, he spends a few days in the car with each of his techs so he can troubleshoot with them, answer any questions, and help them get around better. They cover a lot of ground—from Rolla, MO to places in Arkansas, and Garry takes this opportunity to get to know the people he works with. “At this point, I know my guys’ lives. If you know them on a personal level, people will step up on a personal level. Much more than if you’re just a boss.”

Garry also knows that people will step up when you lead by example. He’s a supervisor, sure, but this year he proved that his technical skills are still above and beyond—earning recognition by Kyocera. Garry won the KYOCERA Service Award, coming in first in the Southwest region and coming in third overall in the entire United States. So, Big Money Mayberry is kind of a big deal—but you’d never know it from talking to him. He’s also incredibly humble.

5Qs with Garry Mayberry

1. You’re forced to appear on America’s Got Talent. What’s your performance? Everyone says I have a radio voice. Monologue or a comedy routine.

2. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be? Peanut butter Captain Crunch. It’s the best.

3. What’s your favorite thing about SumnerOne? Probably the camaraderie compared to other companies I’ve worked at. The willingness for people to reach out and to be friendly and show some kind of caring.

4. If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you? He’s not an actor; he’s a comedian: Ron White.

5. If you could transfer to any other SumnerOne department, where would you go? Training. But in Springfield—I was in the Navy, and Springfield is about the biggest city I would want to go to/live in.

SumnerOne is the one place where everything works and where everyone works together like family. Check out our SumnerOne Employee Spotlights the first Friday of each month.


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