Predictive vs. Proactive IT Management

Reactive IT, like most reactive strategies is inefficient, distracting and expensive. A thoughtful deployment of proactive or even predictive IT management can give businesses a much-needed boost in productivity and help improve employee satisfaction. But what’s the difference between proactive and predictive? Our IT management teams offered this explanation:



Monitors the hardware and systems in your business and detects changes that indicate a problem may be on the horizon. (Example: repeated errors suggest that a laptop drive is about to fail.) A proactive program would try to fix the problem before more issues occur or the drive fails completely.


Combines all kinds of data, maintenance and performance metrics from both inside and outside of your organization to implement upgrade programs and identify key indicators that direct repair or replacement programs before a component or hardware starts to glitch.

With either approach, the result is optimal IT time available for critical issues and system maintenance and improved efficiency across all departments.  All big benefits for small-to-medium businesses looking to make every moment count!

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Originally published February 8, 2017, updated March 12, 2019


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