Managed IT Services: The Solution to Your Cyber Security Headache


Thinking you’re not at risk because you’re a small company is, unfortunately, a thought you can’t afford to have – 61% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses! They want your personal information, your keystrokes, your employee records, and more. Don’t give them the opportunity.

Think you’re in the clear because you installed malware detection last week? Think again. The median number of days a piece of malicious software stays dormant in your system before attacking is 146! Implementing the latest and greatest software protection isn't always enough. Sometimes all it can take is one simple human error from opening a phishing email. The possibilities seem to be endless.

Creating a Cyber Security Plan

Now that we’ve sufficiently scared you into questioning the safety of all your business– don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. SumnerOne is an expert in cyber security so you don't have to be. We've developed a diverse team of IT professionals to help defend your business situation by situation. We're here to have your back!

As the world of IT threats evolve, so does the world of IT professionals. After reading up on the new threats, such as Ransomware (and even your own employees), at this point you’ve probably started to take your office security a bit more seriously. Like we’ve talked about before, many decisions to beef up security come after a catastrophic event. Wouldn't it be great for businesses to be able to say that they took the proactive approach to their security before an issue came up? We absolutely believe that being prepared is better than being left cleaning up the mess. Especially a data loss disaster that’s difficult to understand – or recover from.

Our engineers work together to give every single one of our clients the attention and specialized service they deserve. Two heads are better than one, and a whole team is the best yet! With SumnerOne's fully managed IT services, SmartIT, you'll benefit from the efficiencies enabled by an optimized network along with these other great perks like:

  • Peace of mind and knowing that your network is in good hands
  • The ability to spend your time on other aspects of your business
  • Happy employees
  • No unpleasant network surprises
  • Predictable costs
  • A team of professionals where one person used to be

Not ready to make the leap yet? Still, think your break-fix method is the bee’s knees? Let’s talk about what you’ll lose when you hire SumnerOne:

  • Headaches when network issues arise
  • Anxiety about what’s actually happening in that server room of yours
  • Unpredictable bills
  • Panicked phone calls from your employees after opening suspicious emails

We can joke about it all we want, but the reality of having huge holes in your security plan isn't funny.

Managed IT Services with SumnerOne

There is no one single solution to all the cyber threats out there. At this point, we can all agree that having a team of trained professionals who are constantly being educated on the latest and not-so-greatest threats out there, is a much more secure route than relying on a single person to know and do everything. IT is a language, it’s a fast pace, evolving, living, breathing thing that takes incredible dedication to master. Instead of trying to be a Jack of all trades, be a master at yours, and let us handle the rest.

When we place a copier, a printer, or any other piece of equipment, our job is to make sure it’s working and it stays out of your way. We apply that same logic and service to our IT solutions, and we wouldn’t be SumnerOne if it was any other way. SumnerOne is ready to help you end those uneasy feelings about your businesses security. Contact us for more information, we're ready to show you why we are the one place where everything works!

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Originally published March 1, 2018, updated on January 3rd, 2020


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