January is National Organization Month – Celebrate in Your Office

The National Association of Professional Organizers declared, in 2005, that January would be henceforth known as Get Organized Month (or GO Month, if you’re in the know). Their effort is dedicated to focusing attention on how getting organized empowers people to regain control over their time, possessions, inboxes and surroundings.  So while we’re not experts in closet clutter, we are experts in document management. So our interpretation of National Organization Month helps enables companies improve productivity and compliance. 

4 Ways to Improve Office Efficiency 

Identify Your Document Types – determine what kind of documents are required in your business and group them into categories or classifications; consider if you will, have different policies for paper documents and electronic documents.

Know Your Requirements – many industries have federal and state regulations that guide document retention and management, your accounting practices may have separate standards and you may have your own policies for historical documents that determine what you keep.

Determine Storage Types – create a specific plan for where you store the documents, the security required, and how they will be catalogued so that you can find them if/when you need to retrieve them.

Create Your Policies – using the document types, retention requirements and storage, backup and retrieval plans, articulate policies and procedures for the business communications your company creates.

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Originally published January 17, 2017, updated January 8, 2019


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