In Case You Missed Us: The World Wide Web Turns 30 on Tech Talk with KTRS

Last Friday on Tech Talk, we celebrated two significant dates, our first anniversary of Tech Talk on The Guy Phillips Show and the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web! Our IT expert, Rion Kolosieke, joined Guy and his co-host to celebrate both of these great technology milestones and to chat about the upcoming Y2K of GPS apps and devices this spring!

Happy 30th Birthday to the World Wide Web

It's a common misconception that the Internet and World Wide Web are the same, when in fact they are different. The Internet is a global network of networks, and the Web is a collection of information that is accessible via the Internet.

With that being said, the Web celebrated a huge milestone birthday last week when it turned 30 years old! Sir Tim Berners-Lee, an English software engineer, proposed an idea to his boss about a system for managing data that would one day become what we now know as the World Wide Web! Berners-Lee came up with the idea because he noticed inefficiencies at work that could be solved with a solution like the Web.

Who knew that one man's proposal in the late 1980s would become as big as it is today! Roughly half of the world is online these days, and nearly 2 billion websites are now in existence. The Web has come a long way these past few decades, and it's exciting to think about where things could be in another 30 years.

Potential GPS Malfunction Coming Soon

Guy Phillips was all about the recent wild GPS ride that had him ready to take a turn into the ocean while he was in Florida earlier this month. In addition to wacky GPS issues, Guy also brought up the latest news about some GPS services having an impending malfunction destined to occur on April 6, 2019. GPS networks will be having a mini Y2K scare of its own when the week number rolls back to zero. The critical thing to note in order to keep your digital map running in normal fashion is to make sure it's properly updated. Most technology companies are already aware and have sent out software patches for newer devices to keep end users on the right path. If you are currently using a GPS that was created before 2010, double check to see if patches are available, but if not it may be time to upgrade.

Tech Talk Presented by SumnerOne

For the last year, we've joined Guy Phillips and his crew for Tech Talk on Friday afternoons to talk about all things related to technology, cyber security, and business. We've enjoyed dishing details about everything from how to keep your kids safe online to finding the right technology gifts for the holidays. Our IT Experts have grown increasingly comfortable behind the mic and have done a stellar job keeping up with some of the most well-known voices in the Midwest on The Big 550 KTRS!

Tune in this Friday afternoon at 4:20 either on air or listen online to catch our next segment of Tech Talk. If you would like to learn more about SumnerOne and our teams of experts, contact us.

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