In Case You Missed Us: Technology Updates on Tech Talk with KTRS

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend last Friday with our Tech Talk segment on The Big 550 KTRS on The Guy Phillips Show. Even though Guy was unavailable, his co-hosts Heidi Glaus and Josh Gilbert kept the show rolling with our IT expert, Randy Moore. The group talked about a little bit of everything from charging your cell phone on the go to ransomware and a little bit of everything in between. Tech Talk presented by SumnerOne is your go-to resource for the latest in technology news and a good laugh each week!

Does Anyone Have a Phone Charger?

It's a question that gets thrown out there almost every day by someone in the office or at home, where can I find a phone charger? Our phones do so much for us each day from helping us to communicate, take pictures, and stay connected online; it's no wonder our battery life seems always to be low. Randy shared that one of his favorite technology accessories is his solar phone charger!

This unique charger is mobile and generates power to charge your phone through catching some sunlight. Randy said he sets the charger in the window and uses it as a backup power bank when his phone needs a quick recharge. He shared a story about how it came in handy earlier this month at his daughter's graduation ceremony.

Randy was burning through his power taking photos and videos of the ceremony that his phone was losing battery life, then he remembered he didn't have to miss a thing because he had the solar charger ready to go. Solar chargers are just another handy accessory that goes hand-in-hand with the digital world we live in.

Ransomware Insurance

Over the past few years, ransomware attacks have grown in popularity. Ransomware is a type of malware that is designed to deny access to devices or files until a ransom is paid to the criminal executing the attack. This specific type of cyber attack is typically carried out through phishing emails or by visiting an infected website. Last week during the segment, a listener texted in and asked if ransomware insurance would be worth it for a business.

Randy said that this type of insurance does exist for businesses to utilize, but it's very new and doesn't have all of the kinks worked out just yet. He expressed that there are a lot of loopholes to ransomware insurance, and if a business is interested in getting it, their best bet is to first consult with a lawyer who is well versed in technology law. We love when the listeners send in questions for our IT Experts, listen to the show each week for a chance to call in with your questions!

Tech Talk with KTRS

In addition to talking about ransomware and solar-powered chargers, Randy and the crew also discussed different technology frustrations and why it's essential to stay on top of software updates and patches. Be sure to listen to the full segment from last week to catch up on the latest news from Tech Talk presented by SumnerOne!

Don't forget to subscribe to our SumnerOne blog to find the weekly recap from Tech Talk on The Big 550 KTRS. We'll be back in the studio with Guy Phillips and his crew this Friday afternoon at 4:20 to talk about more trends in cyber security. In the meantime, if you have questions or want to learn more about SumnerOne, give us a call.

In Case You Missed It: Tech Talk Updates


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