In Case You Missed Us: Software Updates on Tech Talk with KTRS

Our devices don't notify us about software updates for no reason, they're trying to protect us. SumnerOne IT expert, Randy Moore, joined the Guy Phillips Show last Friday for Tech Talk to share some advice about those device update you may have been putting off. After this Tech Talk segment on The Big 550 KTRS, you may think again before clicking the "postpone update" button one more time.


Why are Device Updates Important? 

We've all experienced it, the little notification or pop-up letting you know the time has come to update your device. Some of us are guilty of putting it off as long as possible, and others are ready to jump on the new update the second it comes out. Two big reasons people put off updates is because they believe their device is running fine or following through with the new software patch will leave their technology out of commission until the update is complete. Whatever your reasoning or update habits may be, staying on top of new software is important to the health of your device, its security, and helping you to stay ahead of new technology advancements.

Technology companies will put out software updates because they become aware of issues related to the previous patches. Many times they are solving the issue for glitches and patches they may have missed the last time around or a new concern has come to light and they are working to protect your device. In addition to sending out security updates, they will also often roll out new functionalities that will enhance your user experience. Software updates aren't always rolled out to fix a negative issue, often the technology companies are giving their end users a way to keep up with the times on their current device.


Next time you're thinking about pushing that update off for a few months, think again. Randy suggested that if the update isn't offering a fix to a critical security flaw to wait a few days to go through with it. Sometimes, the updates are put out quickly due to anticipation and can take a few days to get all the kinks worked out. While he said to wait a few days, he doesn't suggest putting it off for much longer than that. Device updates are meant to help aid in our security and experience.

Tech Talk on KTRS

Each week our IT Experts at SumnerOne head out to The Big 550 KTRS St. Louis studio to talk technology with Guy Phillips and the rest of his crew. Whether they're talking about cyber security, the newest technology gifts, or current events, these guys will keep you entertained every Friday afternoon. Be sure to tune in this week at 4:20 to catch our next segment on The Guy Phillips Show. To learn more about SumnerOne and exactly what our IT Experts are up to when they're not on the radio, give us a call!

In Case You Missed It: Tech Talk Updates


Originally published February 1, 2019, updated May 9, 2019


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