In Case You Missed Us: Holiday Technology Show

Did you happen to catch our one-hour Holiday Tech Show on The Big 550 KTRS earlier this week? Our IT experts, Jeff Groby and Chadd Haselhorst, talked with Josh Gilbert of KTRS about a wide range of technology topics from cell phones to smart homes. If you're a fan of our regular Tech Talk segments each Friday on KTRS then you're in for a treat. The Holiday Technology Show has you covered from new devices all the way to guiding you through your next big purchase.

Holiday Tech Show Topics and Takeaways

This time of the year a lot of people are updating their technology. Phones, tablets, and computers have been flying off the shelves this season. With all of the new technology out there,  Jeff and Chadd talked about what you can do to secure your new gadgets and different steps you can take to make sure you're getting the best possible user experience. 

In addition to what you need to know this year, Jeff and Chadd also shared some information on the buying process when it comes to adding to your tech collection. The experts go into great detail about what shoppers should know before buying their new technology, questions you should ask yourself, and how to research new devices. Another purchasing option the guys discussed was what end users need to know about purchasing refurbished technology and the questions you should be asking the vendors before buying. Buying new technology is a big investment. Making an informed decision about your new devices will help to ensure you are getting your money's worth and that the tech will suit your specific needs.

Josh, Jeff and Chadd had a great time getting together and talking about changes ahead in technology and how to get the best devices to compliment your lifestyle. Whether they were chatting about iPhone vs. Android or about how to secure your new smart home doorbell, the conversation was never dull. Jeff and Chadd could go on for hours talking about the latest information and their experiences with technology.

In Case You Missed It: Tech Talk Updates

Holiday Tech Show Presented by SumnerOne

If you missed either of the live airings of our Holiday Tech Show, we've got you covered. Click below to access the full audio to get caught up on everything covered in the show. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon at 4:20 for our regular Tech Talk segment during the Guy Phillips Show! You'll be able to find Chadd, Jeff, or another one of our experts covering the latest news in technology and cyber security. To learn more about SumnerOne and our services, contact us.



Originally published January 4, 2019, updated February 11, 2019


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