Featured Product: HP Latex Printer Series

The HP Latex Printer Series is a ground-breaking set of wide-format printers capable of producing anything from car decals to textile signage. The series maximizes output with water-based ink and latex-based pigment carries to produce durable, quality prints. When paired with HP’s cut solutions, the Latex printer is capable of start-to-finish, wide-format production at impressive print speeds. HP Latex Printers remain the industry-leading wide-format, inkjet option for small sign shops and large print service providers alike.

How it Works

HP Latex Printers are wide-format printers that use water-based HP latex inks to produce high-quality prints on a wide variety of applications. There are four different HP Latex wide-format models: the 315, 335, 365, and 570, with each model designed to diversify your print shop portfolio without sacrificing efficiency and productivity. All HP Latex Printers in the series can handle an extensive range of applications, including banners, self-adhesive vinyl, films, wall coverings, canvas, synthetics, fabrics, mesh, and textiles.

Built for Any Print Environment

With a compact design and the ability to print indoor and outdoor applications, HP Latex Printers can print in any environment for any environment. Speeds can reach up to 980 sq ft/hr on indoor applications and 248 sq ft/hr on Outdoor Applications. The HP Latex Printer is a compact device capable of large production, with printing capabilities up to a 64 in roll width.

Print & Cut with Ease

The HP Latex Printer becomes a dual-device solution for simultaneous printing and cutting when combined with an HP Cut Solution. The operating space of the two devices is like that of the HP Latex, meaning you will not sacrifice precious print-shop realty. Additionally, when purchased together, the cut & print solutions bundle is at a lower price point than the combined price of the two separate solutions.

Integrated devices make printing and cutting two separate processes, meaning cutting must wait until any print jobs are completed and dried. With the HP print & cut solution, print shops can print & cut simultaneously. An HP bar code is included at the top of each print, which is scanned by the HP cutter to retrieve the predetermined cutting data. The cutter can then pick up the registration marks and begin cutting, while the job is still printing. This automation eliminates the need for job oversight and allows the print operator to move on to other tasks.

Advanced Ink Technology

HP's Latex Printer ink technology is a huge aspect of what makes the print & cut solution capable of multitasking. With HP Latex ink technology, all prints dry instantly and emerge odor-free, and ready for finishing. There is no need for degassing, meaning processing can begin immediately. The HP latex ink is water-based, meaning prints are safe enough for sterile environments like Doctors' offices and hospitals.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Even with its incredible versatility, the HP latex by no means requires an expert operator. With incredible ease-of-use, the print operator can load and unload from the front of the device. The HP latex print & cut solution comes with a media basket to avoid having the media pile up on the floor. Additionally, the front panel includes a touchscreen to control the device and is pre-loaded with the HP substrate profile library.

The HP Latex printer comes with SAi FlexiPrint HP Basic Edition RIP, which shortens learning curves for beginners. When paired with an HP cutter, RIP software becomes a one-point workflow management tool with minimal print job oversight needed. When a job is completed, operators can collect their cut prints from the media basket, fully finished and ready for delivery.

Additionally, the HP Latex 831 printheads allow you to see fine details and textures with 1200 dpi native resolution. While these printheads are advanced, a beginner can replace them without having to place a service call. That self-service convenience means you can maintain day-one image quality while saving on service costs.


Wondering if the HP Latex is right for your print shop?

Common Use Cases

Print shop customers are all looking for one thing: increased visibility. Whether that visibility takes shape in an eye-catching, hanging ceiling banner, or a vibrant car-decal, the HP Latex has your print shop portfolio covered. When paired with HP's cut solutions, the signage possibilities are endless. With an HP print and cut solution, your print shop can offer same-day-delivery of high quality and durable signage.

Double-sided Large Format Printing

HP has expanded indoor quality offerings with the HP Latex 365 and 570’s double-side print capabilities. With double-sided printing, ceiling banners can be engaging from any angle. Color vibrancy is simple to produce on both sides of any application with HP's high-efficiency curing, six colors, and 1200 dpi. Indoor quality is guaranteed as HP Latex printers produce signage that's durable and long-lasting than eco-solvent materials.

Banners & Signage

Signage is no longer immobile with the HP Latex Printer, which can produce textile signage and car decals. Printing on textiles has never been easier—even on tricky, porous materials. The HP print & cut solution features an ink collector that is a must-have when printing on porous textiles.

Decals & Stickers

When it comes to printing car decals, the HP latex printer ensures scratch resistance that is comparable to more hazardous, hard-solvent inks. Not only are prints protected, but they can withstand any weather conditions with outdoor durability of up to 5 years laminated. HP's Ink technology is more reliable than traditional solvents, which are prone to shrinking and curling. This reliability means car decals come out ready for immediate application and lasting image quality.


From its compact design to its affordable price point, an HP Latex print & cut solution can improve productivity and quality of offerings for both small and large print shops. If you're interested in expanding your wide-format offerings, contact us for a free assessment with one of our dedicated Wide Format Specialists.


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Q: How much does an HP Latex Printer cost?

A: Because of the diversity of options regarding models and add-ons, it's best to speak with someone about customizing a solution that best suits your needs. Prices will vary depending on the model and feature options.


Q: Is the HP Latex Printer Eco-Friendly?

A: Yes! HP is designing end-to-end sustainability into large-format printing. The HP Latex 315 Printer is EPEAT Bronze registered—a designation for reduced environmental impact.



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