5 Technology Resolutions for Your Business in 2018

It’s that time of the year again. It's time to think about all the different ways you plan to better yourself in 2018 with your new resolutions. While you’re thinking of ways to better your personal life, have you taken time to consider ways to better your professional life? Since technology is constantly evolving, use your new 2018 "fresh start" mentality to do a nice refresh or update to the technology in your business. Here are a few technology resolution ideas from your friends at SumnerOne:

Going Green Office Initiatives 

Recycling is always a good thing to do. Whether you are recycling paper in your office or collecting soda cans in the break room. Recycling things that are no longer needed is a much better alternative to just tossing it in the trash. Let 2018 be the year that you add more recycling bins to your office, and try and kick-off this positive resolution among your co-workers. 

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan is Critical

We've heard the horror stories. Not having a document recovery plan in motion is scary! You can never be too safe when it comes to keeping your important documents safe. While we all hope that 2018 is a year of good fortune, if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan set up for your documents now is a good time. The unknown can be scary, but by having a document recovery plan set up, you can feel more prepared and ready in the event that your business is hit by a flood, tornado, or even ransomware.

End User Security Awareness

Did you know that one of the biggest cyber security weaknesses that is threatening your company is also on your payroll? While you love your employees, that doesn’t mean you have to love their clicking habits that can lead to a cyber attack. Take advantage of the New Year and meet up with your IT provider and set up talking points to go over with your employees to keep them safe online. Your employees and your data will thank you.

Be Proactive About Device Updates

We’ve all been guilty of putting off updating our devices. Either you’re busy or you don’t have time, we’ve all been there. Believe it or not, these updates are in place to keep your devices safe and functioning with prime efficiency. So whether you have the time to wait while your device updates or you set it to update later in the day, be proactive!

Practice Secure Password Management 

Do you use the same password for just about everything? We’ve all probably been guilty of doubling up on using the same password for multiple accounts, but we should stop. There is safety in getting creative with your passwords and changing them frequently. There are even password generators that can help you to keep your account safe.

By making these resolutions, your business will be in good shape and ready to take on 2018 head-on! Interested in seeing the different ways your business can upgrade your office technology? SumnerOne is ready to help. Contact us today!


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 Published on December 27, 2017, updated on December 4, 2018



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