SumnerOne Employee Spotlight: 5Qs with Keith Freed

How well do you know your coworkers? Here at SumnerOne, we pride ourselves on being a company that values family, and we strive to extend that value to how we treat our fellow employees. We’ve decided to introduce you to one of our SumnerOne family coworkers each month.

Our third spotlight is Keith Freed, Field Service Manager, out of the Kansas City office of SumnerOne. Strangely, Keith doesn’t have a nickname. Stick with me. Perhaps by the end of this spotlight, though, we can give him one. The Freed, his Freedness, or Freeder, or El Freederino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Or, we could stick with a classic, avoiding all Coen Brothers references, and just call him Keith “Kingpin” Freed. Because when he’s not being a Field Service supervisor in Kansas City, or assisting with sales and demos, you’ll see him rolling—but never hating; he’s a nice guy (and he prefers heavy metal music). This guy bowls. A lot. He could roll you under the table—pun intended. And he doesn’t have a prosthetic hand or use 15 frames instead of ten. Seriously, though, did you know the odds of bowling a perfect game are 15,000 to 1?! Always bet on Keith Freed.

5Qs with Keith Freed

  1. How lucky are you? Somewhat lucky. I haven’t won the lottery, but I’ve got some intelligent kids & wife, so I consider that lucky in life.
  2. You’re forced to appear on America’s Got Talent. What’s your performance? Bowling trick shots—bowling is my hobby. I’ve had 5 300 games. I bowl 2-3 times a week on 2 different leagues.
  3. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be? Frosted Mini Wheats. Fun side but business side—frosty and whole wheat—I have both sides to me.
  4. What’s your favorite 90s jam? The 90s had no good music. Metallica—Fade to Black (1984).
  5. What’s your favorite thing about SumnerOne? Every day I’m learning something new. My whole goal in life is to learn something new every day. SumnerOne affords me to opportunity to do that. Th environment is a fun environment to work at.

SumnerOne is the one place where everything works and where everyone works together like family. Check out our SumnerOne Employee Spotlights the first Friday of each month.


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