Selecting a Winning IT Services Team

The past few months, we have discussed the “IT” problem. It’s well-known that the biggest security risk for a company is its people. Educating your employees on possible threats is the first line of defense, but this can only help so much in the battle of keeping your network secure. The devious cyber criminals that are trying to wreak havoc on your business are pretty sinister and tricky. The need for IT support for any business is inevitable, but which type of IT services is right for you?

When it comes to support, there are many different levels available for businesses. In the last blog, we provided a checklist as a good starting point to evaluate your current service provider. The question is how they compare and which type of IT service is right for your business. Let’s chat about the three different types:

Break-Fix Method

A break-fix method refers to hiring an outside IT provider whenever an issue arises. In this instance, you call the provider and they come to fix the issue at hand. Choosing this service method means that your needs are serviced on a first come first serve basis and you are billed for the service. When you call an outside IT provider, there are no guarantees on when your issue will be resolved. Your network could run into an issue on Friday and the provider may not be available until the following Tuesday.

While this option may work for some businesses, it may not work for everyone. Break-Fix offers an eventual solution to your IT issue, but this method is your business reacting to an issue. This service is not the most proactive approach you can take when it comes to protecting your business.

In-House IT Provider

Hiring a dedicated IT person can be an appealing option for your businesses IT solution. This person would always be available because they’re your employee. An in-house IT person has the abilities to learn your business inside and out, while also helping to maximize efficiency within your organization.

On the other hand, hiring an in-house IT professional may not be the best solution for your business’s needs. Hiring an in-house professional can also come with a hefty price tag and potentially a limited skill set. This IT professional is on your company’s payroll and you are responsible for making sure they have the technology required to fulfill the needs of their important position. Also, your IT professional could be incredibly knowledgeable about IT services, but what happens when the solution to the problem goes above their skill set? Sounds like a problem.

Managed Service Provider

Outsourcing to managed services is the other solution that businesses could be looking for when it comes to IT services. This method is suitable for many businesses. Managed IT services offers network monitoring by off-site IT professionals. These IT professionals have a wide knowledge to help your business customize a solution to meet the needs of your business.

Hiring a managed service provider not only guarantees that your business has expert-level support, it also ends up being less expensive than having an in-house IT team. Also, you have a promise that this service option is looking out for your business at all times, not just when something goes wrong.

So, Which Service is Best for my Business?

What you decide is best for your business when it comes to managed services is up to you. There are many contributing factors that can play into your decision:

• What’s my budget?

• What are the risks associated with choosing one option over another?

• What kind of skill set would best benefit my business?

• What is the best for my company?

Protecting your business through being proactive about IT services is very important. Be ahead of the potential headaches waiting around the corner and plan your solution today. Click here to download SumnerOne’s comparison guide, "How Do You Choose Between In-House IT or Managed Services?" For more information about switching to a Managed Service Provider, contact SumnerOne today.

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Originally published February 6, 2018, updated October 3, 2018


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