In Case You Missed Us: Ethical Hacking on Tech Talk with KTRS

What's the difference between a hacker and an ethical hacker? SumnerOne's IT expert, Jeff Groby, headed off to The Big 550 KTRS to discuss the difference and help a few listeners with device questions for Tech Talk last week.

Tech Talk Q&A

We love talking with the listeners of The Big 550 KTRS and helping out where we can when it comes to helping them with using their technology. Last week, Jeff fielded questions that ranged from tools parents can use to protect their children online to discussing new app and software updates.

Our IT Experts are incredibly talented and knowledgeable and love getting to discuss different topics during their segment on the Guy Phillips Show each week. Guy and his co-hosts always come armed with questions and news stories, and it's a good time when the listeners want to be engaged too!

What is Ethical Hacking?

The purpose of ethical hacking is to improve the security of a network or system by fixing vulnerabilities found during testing. Ethical hackers may use the same methods and tools as malicious hackers. However, their hacking is only executed when they have permission. When an ethical hacker has the approval needed to continue with their process by the authorized authority, they can hack the technology to find and exploit areas where security needs to be improved to safeguard against malicious users.

Jeff explained that there are three different main types of hackers out there, and each of them set out with different intentions.

Black Hat Hackers: These are your malicious cyber criminals. Black Hat Hackers can and will gain unauthorized access into systems and destroy vital data, and these are your traditional bad guy hackers who are out to cause harm.

Gray Hat Hackers: This name refers to a computer hacker who has somewhat blurred the lines between legal and illegal when it comes to hacking. These experts may sometimes violate the law, but they don't have the same malicious intent that Black Hat Hackers do.

White Hat Hackers: These are certified hackers who work for an organization trying to pinpoint loopholes and weak spots in cyber security. White Hat Hackers have permission to be hacking into specific technologies and systems and can do everything that malicious hackers can do, but their goal is to help solve problems and prevent them from happening instead of causing harm.

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