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Recent Posts by Mary Sumner

4 Steps to Take Before Implementing Remote Working Software

Successful remote working arrangements require the right software solutions to support day-to-day business operations. Though remote work offers benefits to both businesses and their employees, both parties can only realize these benefits if remote work enables the same productivity as a traditional work environment—while also leveraging the efficiencies of remote work arrangements.

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The Leadership Challenges of Remote Teams

The transition to remote work can be burdensome for any organization—especially those engineering changes almost overnight.

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Managing and Motivating Remote Workers and Teams

Remote work arrangements can offer a number of benefits to an organization, including higher job satisfaction among workers and the ability to reduce rent and other overhead. But effective remote work also requires new strategies and policies to manage workers and teams remotely.

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5 Ways to Make Your Remote Work More Secure

As more and more businesses allow work-from-home alternatives to their employees, the challenges of remote work productivity and security have become evident. Businesses are eager to showcase their flexibility in supporting remote work for their employees, but these changes can’t compromise the integrity of the organization.

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How to Create an Effective Remote Work Policy [Checklist]

As technology advances and the importance of work-life balance grows for individuals in the workforce, companies are increasingly considering remote work as a viable option for employees. Remote work, done on either a full or part-time basis, helps companies by increasing productivity, decreasing turnover rates, and improving both mental and physical health. 

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