SumnerOne Acquires Image Works of Oklahoma

SumnerOne is pleased to announce the acquisition of Image Works of Oklahoma, extending their southwest footprint as one of the largest independent office technology solutions companies in the Midwest.

SumnerOne is no stranger to company expansion. In 2017, in an effort to provide more value to its customers, the organization was rebranded as SumnerOne to reflect their appreciation for cutting edge technology and growth opportunities, while providing uniformity to all its regional marketplaces. Over the last two years, SumnerOne has experienced tremendous growth, with thirteen locations operating across five Midwest states.

Success with their Tulsa office inspired SumnerOne to expand their presence in Oklahoma. The shared business goals and values with Image Works of Oklahoma, centrally located in Oklahoma City, became the most obvious target company and area in which to invest. President of Image Works of Oklahoma, Dan Tero, is excited about the new opportunities SumnerOne will provide for his clients like complete technology solutions, more printing brand options, and VOIP. “The industry is changing, and we need to change with it. I’ve never worked for anyone else before, but I know this transition will go smoothly with SumnerOne by my side,” explains Tero. Image Works of Oklahoma will keep their location and employees in Oklahoma City.

A SumnerOne presence in Oklahoma City not only provides strategic value but sentimental value as well. Edmund G. “Bud” Sumner worked for the A.B. Dick Company for nearly 40 years, starting his career as a serviceman in 1937 at their Chicago headquarters. In 1952, Bud Sumner jumped at the opportunity to own and operate his own A.B Dick distributorship in Oklahoma City. The relocation to Oklahoma City paid off, both for Bud and his wife, Mary. Bud’s distributorship experienced exponential growth, tripling revenue in its first three years. In 1955, Bud Sumner made the crucial decision to purchase the A.B. Dick distributorship in St. Louis, Missouri. Due to company bylaws, Bud couldn’t oversee both the Oklahoma City and St. Louis distributorships. Though bittersweet, he and his family relocated for what would be the last time, to St. Louis, Missouri in February of 1955. Edmund C. “Ed” Sumner, SumnerOne’s CEO, describes his mother, Mary’s, love for the city, “My mother never stopped missing Oklahoma City. It was her favorite city she’d ever lived in. She said it was the people—their kindness, their good nature—that made Oklahoma City special.”

This history explains why SumnerOne feels so aligned with their new addition, Image Works of Oklahoma. Much like SumnerOne, Image Works of Oklahoma began as an A.B. Dick distributorship before becoming a family-owned, copier dealership serving the Oklahoma City marketplace for decades. Adding Image Works of Oklahoma to the SumnerOne family has felt like a homecoming of sorts, both in their origins and their values. This deal immediately enables SumnerOne and Image Works of Oklahoma to offer broader choices to current customers and these customers will experience zero disruption of service. Backed by strong financials, the combination enables the growing SumnerOne family of companies to meet the emerging needs in its markets and expand even faster.

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