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Leif McKinley is a Channel Sales Executive for Datto, a Business Continuity vendor that focuses on business up time. He has been with Datto for 6 years as they have grown from a single purpose BDR device to a full service Total Network Protection provider covering all data protection and networking needs. Prior to working at Datto, Leif sold Life, Disability, and Long Term Care insurance where he was able to gain risk management experience. He saw the value that a risk management specialist can add to technology and continues to focus on the intersection between these two fields.

Achieving Efficiency With The Right Managed Services Provider

You are in the midst of running down the stairs and you slip and fall down the entire the entire flight. You gash your head and lose consciousness. As you come to, you notice people standing over you. A person hands you a towel for your head and says, “That was quite the fall, but you look to be okay.” So, you take him for his word, right? Wrong! You go to the hospital to see a professional where they can check you out, make sure nothing below the surface is wrong, and give you stitches for the gash across your forehead. You make sure that a professional has the chance to confirm that you are not in any danger. If it makes sense to see a doctor after hitting your head, wouldn’t the same logic apply to issues in other domains? Shouldn’t your IT infrastructure be handled with the same care? Technology is too unique and sensitive to not assure that it is checked by professionals.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery: The Hero Against a Ransomware Attack

 It's Monday, and you're getting back into the office from your week-long vacation with the family. The second you sit down at your desk, you see an email from your wife. It appears to be a link sent via a Dropbox account and you assume, amidst your morning haze, that the link contains the pictures from your vacation. You click on the link and then… it happens. Your computer becomes corrupted. You've become the latest victim of a Ransomware attack. Well, what happens next?

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Is the Cloud Enough? Protecting Your Data Backup

You have decided to move to the cloud. No, not up in the atmosphere, but rather you have decided to go to a hosted IT solution. You're done managing your local hardware and you have already made the leap to cloud-based software, and figured, “I am already using all of their processing apps, why don’t we just leverage the full cloud storage system?" The ease of use, access from anywhere with internet, ability to collaborate, consolidation of tools and resources… the list of benefits goes on and on. Oh yeah, and I don’t have to keep my backups, right?

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Data Loss - It'll Never Happen To My Business, Or So You Think

Imagine this: You're the CEO of a company on your way into work in the morning. You are running late but, you decide to stop for coffee anyway. You drive into the office parking lot and you notice there is a ton of traffic. You decide to pull around the corner and immediately, you see it. A fire has erupted, and its in your office building. The area is taped off and no one is allowed inside…

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