Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Get more done when you have the right equipment.

From switches and firewalls to tablets, laptops, projectors and more, your IT infrastructure is the foundation of your productivity. Make sure your network can take the influx of business and personal devices – and that it’s ready to grow as your company expands.

SumnerOne will help you design and implement IT infrastructure focused on three core areas.


Today’s computers can do so much more work with less. It sounds like a cliche, it’s true. Say goodbye to room-size servers with maintenance, power, cooling and endless administration. SumnerOne’s solutions can show you how simplicity really is the rule of the day in most cases.

Performance & Speed

Every day, we put more strain on our networks. Can yours take it? We’ll give you a check-up and see if you’ve outgrown where you were five, or even three years ago. You and your employees expect your network to work – no, you need it to work. We’ll make sure it does, day after day.

Reliability & Uptime

Even one outdated component on your network can cause a tremendous slowdown. We’ll check everything out and then bring you up-to-date to keep hassles far away. We believe ongoing maintenance of your network is one of the most important things you can do to enhance and maintain the productivity of your employees.

Let’s do your IT right. Get in touch.

We’ll always choose the best solutions from a full range of leading brands, including:


Business class hardware for PCs, Servers, Firewalls, and more


Software and licensing for all of your business productivity needs

vnware Partner

Reduce costs while simplifying your infrastructure

Datto Global Partner

No infrastructure is complete without a disaster recovery system