The right technology for the right job. Every time.

Save time. Save money. Get more work done.

You can’t judge technology by paper specs alone. That’s why you need SumnerOne on your side. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of every feature – and match benefits with your exact needs.

In turn, we’ll use our knowledge of your industry and your specific organization to design a customized solution, incorporating desktops and laptops, servers, network infrastructure and backup systems.

Desktops and laptops

Choosing the right hardware can help your employees achieve more – while reducing downtime. This isn’t about buying something off the shelf at a big-box store: it’s about matching speed, storage and more to your specific needs, and it’s what we do every day.


Looking for central storage? Or are you ready to take it a step further with secure, optimized virtualization hardware and software? We’ll help you weigh the options and see what’s right for you. While virtualization can simplify device management and minimize resources, it’s not right for everyone.

Networking and Security

It’s your connection to the outside world. You can’t function without it. And yet, when it works, it’s virtually invisible. We’ll help you design a network that’s ready to grow with you.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your organization runs on information. Data is valuable – but it’s also vulnerable. SumnerOne will help you protect your data from disasters and theft. And when the unthinkable happens, we’ll get you back up and running faster than anyone.

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We’ll always choose the best solutions from a full range of leading brands, including:


Business-class hardware for PCs, servers, firewalls, switches and more

Microsoft Certified Professional

Software and licensing for all of your mission-critical business applications

datto Enterprise

So much more than data backup – this is Business Continuity

vmware Partner

Optimize server utilization through virtualization