An Update for Our Valued Customers

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, SumnerOne has been reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we are doing our utmost to honor our same standards of excellent service delivery while closely following the recommendations of the CDC and State leadership.


SumnerOne will remain open & staffed Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.  It is our duty to provide continued support and service to our customers during this time as you work to maintain your own business operations and safeguard your employees. Our service, maintenance, installations, and administration related to your relationship with us will still be facilitated and at this time, we will continue to maintain our usual response time.


However, we believe everyone has an obligation to do what they can to reduce public interactions and practice dutiful personal health and hygiene habits. We’d like to assure you that SumnerOne has taken steps to train our service people to adhere to enhanced safety protocols. These measures are already in place:    


  • Hygiene and disinfection – All SumnerOne employees follow the CDC guidelines with regard to preventative behaviors, including hand washing often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer, avoiding close contact with people who are sick, and staying home when sick. We have intensified all cleaning efforts throughout our facilities, with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces and objects.

  • Remote service desk capability – Many service issues are able to be resolved remotely, provided your office equipment is connected to your network and the necessary software that enables remote serviceability is in place. As much as possible, we will resolve service issues on a remote basis. If you have any questions regarding whether your office is enabled for remote serviceability, please reach out to one of our service associates for more information.

  • Maintaining personal distances – SumnerOne employees will work to maintain the recommended 6 foot radius from individuals at your workplace while servicing your equipment.

  • Cleaning of all equipment after service calls – When completing a service call SumnerOne employees will wipe down all serviced equipment with a cleaning solution that has the CDC recommended 70% alcohol content.


We also understand that your workplace may be implementing restrictions on non-employees entering your facilities. When you place a service call with us, please inform our service associate if you have specific Service Delivery Instructions regarding your facility or performing service on-site. We will gladly implement any extra precautions to increase our mutual safety.


Regarding interactions with your account representative, we have instructed our Sales teams to ask for your preference on how to meet.  In light of social distancing recommendations, we are encouraging all of our associates to preferentially use virtual meeting capabilities.  We want to work together to determine the best approach to meet your needs, while being mindful of the safety of your team and ours.


Finally, your organization may be grappling with the need to provide remote-work for employees in order to assure your own Business Continuity. SumnerOne can quickly help you assess the feasibility of remote work for employees.  We have extensive experience in planning and designing remote work solutions, and would be happy to help prepare your company to implement these solutions.  Rapidly-deployable remote work IT solutions include configuring laptops with Remote Monitoring Tools, creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and securing remote connections to corporate applications and data.  Please contact or call 314-633-1437 for more information about setting up remote work capabilities. 


We will continue to monitor the progression of COVID-19 and communicate any adjustments made to our business processes. Above all, as an independent, local company nothing is more important than the care, safety and health of our communities.  We are confident that SumnerOne will be a dedicated partner to our customers in keeping you up and running during this time of anxiety and great uncertainty.  As you experience stresses in your business, please reach out to us. We believe that we will get through this crisis together.

Page last updated Tuesday, Match 17th 2020