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High-Quality and Cost-Effective Print Technology for Your University


Your college aims to provide top-tier education and services, like high-volume printing, without straining your budget. By adopting on-campus print solutions, you achieve a perfect balance, ensuring high-quality outputs without the extra costs. Our state-of-the-art print technology not only delivers large quantities of exceptional prints but also streamlines operations, benefiting both students and faculty.

Outsourcing your diverse, high-volume printing needs to third-party print shops is expensive and tedious. It involves a lot of paperwork and coordination, taking up time better spent on other essential parts of your school’s operations. In addition, third-party print shops often produce inconsistent quality of prints, which can affect your students’ learning outcomes and your outreach efforts to prospective students and alumni alike. Luckily, with SumnerOne’s cutting-edge print solutions, you can have on-campus printers to boost your print output while saving you money and giving you a host of other benefits.

Advantages of Having On-Campus Printers

Here’s how your college can benefit from print solutions:

Our long list of loyal customers — which includes colleges all over the Midwest — has ranked SumnerOne among the top 1% of print services providers. We can help you set up your college’s print center to gain these benefits:

Maximization of Funding

Unlock significant savings and maximize your school’s budget with printing solutions tailored to public colleges. By saving money on printing costs (we’ve helped a local college save a whopping $1.65 million), you can allocate more of your budget to other services your college needs.

High-Quality, High-Volume Prints

Eliminate the uncertainties and inconsistencies of using multiple commercial printing shops. Having in-house printers that's exclusive for your public college ensures consistently superior prints all year round for your students, administration, faculty, and staff.

Centralized and Standardized Print Operations

With customized print solutions, you can streamline your university’s print environment to deliver a wide range of services that your college needs. This means you can get the most appropriate printers, software, and technology to help your institution meet its needs.

Scalability and Flexibility

You can easily customize your print infrastructure to effectively manage fluctuations or changes in your school’s print needs and infrastructure.

Sustainable Practices

Consolidating your print operations helps you lessen the waste that your university produces by allowing you to monitor and manage your college’s consumption of energy, ink, and paper. This supports your existing sustainability efforts and shows prospective and current students your dedication to sustainability overall.

User-Friendly Services and Features

Have the power to choose printers with student-friendly features and control printing settings. For example, you may set up self-service kiosks or use printers with remote printing capabilities. Having on-campus printers can also create jobs, either fulfilled by members of your community or as work-study positions for students who qualify.

SumnerOne has proven to be a great partner by going above and beyond the scope of their requirements in all aspects of the partnership.
Justin Rudick
Sr. Manager Auxiliary Services, St. Louis Community College

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