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Why Managed Print Services? 


Inefficient printing is frustrating and expensive for businesses. Buying a printer is costly, but did you know that 75% of associated printing costs comes after purchasing your equipment? The paper, supplies, and maintenance calls begin to add up. It's time to take control of your printing costs and learn how Managed Print Services will improve your print environment.


SumnerOne has a plan to help you track down your hidden costs - and deliver measurable improvements from day one.  


Our free assessment involves mapping and documenting your current devices.  Using that information, SumnerOne will give their recommendation on how you can begin saving on printing costs and improve device efficiency.


Managed Print Services can help your business in multiple ways: 

  • Collect an inventory of your current device-centric data including: manufacturer, model, meter readings, and device usage to gain insight into your devices and fleet. 
  • Optimize device deployment to minimize the cost of printing and copying output. 
  • Reduce the IT burden of managing multiple devices and supplies through real-time device management software. 
  • On-site discovery to identify how device usage integrates with current business processes to provide benchmarks for areas of improvement. 
  • Create electronic processes to reduce printed pages and improve business efficiencies by optimizing paper document handling. 
  • Construct a monitored print environment to create awareness of new devices introduced to the office that may not meet security and compliance requirements. 
  • Monitor user print, copy and scan activity to determine the areas where modifications can be made to reduce printing costs and improve efficiency. 
  • Conduct scheduled account reviews to measure results and provide ongoing innovation. 


The best way to manage printing costs is to truly understand them. Contact the experts at SumnerOne for a free assessment and start controlling your print environment today!

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